About Chances Park

The Park is well-used and well-loved. It is used by local residents of all ages to enjoy the fresh air and views, the beautiful spring plantings, the magnificent trees and the historical features. These go back several centuries with an example of a medieval “ridge and furrow” system, and examples of late Georgian landscaping such as the coach-drive, informal plantings, planned vistas and the famous ha-ha.

The trees are a haven for wildlife, providing plenty of opportunities for people interested in nature to watch our resident populations of birds and bats and to get involved in conservation projects such as installing nesting boxes.

Every spring the Park leaps into vibrant colour with the blooming of thousands of crocuses planted by children and young people from local schools and youth groups and our regeneration plans involve more plantings to provide year round colour and interest.

About The Friends of Chances Park

The Friends is a constituted group of committed enthusiasts from all walks of life, dedicated to preserving the Park for the enjoyment of the community. We work closely with Carlisle City Council and with Morton Community Centre (situated in the historic manor house). Together we have obtained a major grant from Parks for People (HLF) to restore the historic and natural features and also to make it more fit for the needs of people now and in the future. We are already working with groups of volunteers on practical activities and events and are planning many more for the future. We hope that you will want to join us! In the meantime, we will continue to provide an open park which welcomes everyone, while making it even more interesting and friendly.